AWS Architect Online training

 AWS Architect Online Training
Enroll  for Expert Level Online AWS Architect Training By Spiritsofts, Learn Amazon Web Services (AWS) Solution Architect Training with certified experts. Attend the Demo for free & you will find Spiritsofts is the best Online Training Institute within reasonable Fee, updated course materiel.
The Training in Amazon Web Services (AWS) Architect is every thing we explained based on real time scenarios,it works which we do in companies.
Experts Training sessions will absolutely help you to get in-depth knowledge on the subject.

Course Content

Basic Introduction to AWS Architect Principles
  • Introduction to Cloud Computing
  • Understand the building blocks of AWS
  • Setting up of the AWS account
  • AWS Global Infrastructure and its benefits
  • EC2 instances.
AWS Technical Essentials
  • Introduction and History of Amazon Web Service(AWS)
  • AWS Infrastructure: Compute, Storage, and Networking
  • AWS Security, Identify, and Access Management
  • AWS Database
  • AWS Management Tools
Instructor Led Sessions on Cloud Technology
  • Explore the benefits of cloud computing with Amazon Web
  • Services – provider for Netflix, Nasa JPL, Airbnb and more.
Identifying Access Management
  • Designing and deploying scalable, highly available, and fault
  • tolerant systems on AWS.
  • Estimating AWS costs and identifying cost control mechanisms
  • Selecting the appropriate AWS service based on data, compute, database, or security requirements.
  • Lift and shift of an existing on-premises application to AWS.
  • Ingress and egress of data to and from AWS.
  •  Identifying appropriate use of AWS architectural best practices, Create A Billing Alarm
Problems Associated with Cloud Architect Planning
  • Virtual Private Cloud & Direct Connect
  • Database Services
  • Application Services, AWS Lambda & Elastic Beanstalk
  • Elastic Load Balancing & Auto Scaling
  • Route 53 & Management Tools
Storage Services and AWS CLI
  • Restoring an Amazon EBS volume from a Snapshot
  • Deploying an On-Premises Gateway (Gateway – Cached)
  • Hosting a website on Amazon S3
  • Running commands in AWS CLI.
Route 53 & Management Tools
  • Overview of Route 53
  • Management tools: CloudTrail, CloudWatch, CloudFormation, and Trusted Advisor.
  •  Route 53 – Register A Domain Name, Setup Our EC2 Instances, Routing Policy – Simple, Weighted, Latency, Failover & Geolocation.
Introduction to a Live Project & Sample Test
  • Hands on Workshop
  • Interview Questions & Answers
  • An Overview of the AWS Certifications.
Architecting on AWS
  • Core AWS Knowledge
  • Core AWS Services
  • Designing your Environment
  • Making Your Environment Highly Available
  • Forklifting an Existing Application onto AWS
  • Event-Driven Scaling
  • Automating
  • Decouplig
  • Build a new environment
AWS Object Storage and CDN – S3, Glacier and CloudFront
  • AWS S3 Introduction
  • Cross Region Replication
  • CloudFront CDN Overview
  • S3 – Security & Encryption
  • Storage Gateway
  • Snowball Overview
  • S3 Transfer Acceleration
  • Create A Static Website Using S3

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