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 AWS DATABASE Online Training
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Course Content
How data matters to a business
  • In today’s technology world, the biggest asset of an organization is classified in the form of “Data” and not the employees or nor a number of profits that the organization is making. The current trend is all about understanding and updating or modifying their existing process to be more productive. So, all of the organizations have started investing a lot on the data to analyze and define the best outcomes.
  • So with the available data, the business can be improved in the following ways:
  • Result prediction or overall decision making has been improved a lot.
  • Updating the policies and procedures according to the real-time data.
  • Build meaningful reports for the executive level teams so that it helps in decision-making.
Simple and advanced strategies available for data migration
  • Using the AWS database migration services actually will simplify the database migrations and all happens under a secure environment. The best part is while database migration, the source database is kept active thus minimizing the downtime where there is minimum impact on real-time users who are using the database.
  • Further to AWS database migration services, we also have AWS schema conversion Tool.
  • Using this tool the data migrations will be executed smoothly and doesn’t give any hiccups for the teams who are utilizing this.
  • Within this tool, including the database schema and the custom code- i.e. including views, all stored procedures and functions are made sure that they are compatible with the target database.
Introduction to database management
  • As we all know that database is an organized form of data collection where it is typically stored on a disk and it is made available to various users based on passing the authentication layer.
  • With the help of Database Management system, one can do the following activities seamlessly
  • Responsible for accessing data
  • Insertion, updations and finally deleting data
  • Security aspects
  • Process of optimizing the information, performance checks
  • The above are few tasks that database management system talks about.
Important factors to consider while migration a database
  • They are several important factors that are needed to be considered while migrating a database, few of them are listed below:
  • Database size and the complexity involved
  • Applications that are using the application
  • All the necessary integrations should be checked
  • Organizational readiness
  • Business acceptance
  • Minimal downtime – This is one of the most important factors out of all the list that we have included here.
Key challenges associated with the process and how to overcome them
  • The above list implies the important factors that we need to consider and at the same time, these are also considered to be key challenges that come with the process.
Database Size and Complexity:
  • When we are talking about the database size and complexity, the following aspects need to be considered:
  • Includes all the schema (i.e. tables, foreign keys, constraints etc)
  • Number of stored procedures that are available
  • Total disk space
  • The volume of activity that is happening on the database.
Application type:
  • If the application is standalone then the risks associated are comparatively less. Unlike, if the application is at enterprise level then we need to check for all of the REST API calls, ETL activities (i.e. Extraction, Transformation and Load concepts). Also, we need to check if the application is using a shared database for its overall activities. All of these should be taken into consideration so that overall application activities are dealt perfectly and have no risks associated.
Organizational readiness and Business acceptance
  • These are more related to approvals and the process standardization issues. Out of which, migrating it to a new database is a huge change and a big risk involved when it comes to DBAs and application development team we need to seek their prior approval so that there is no known risks associated.
Data Security and Data Migration with Minimal Downtime
  • As discussed earlier, the data migration in AWS environment happens in a secure and organized manner. With the help of AWS Data migration services, the database can be migrated into a new environment perfectly and all the tools that are utilized for this are already incorporated. It is an easy and smooth process using these tools.
  • With the help of AWS Schema conversion tool, it is even made easier for teams to deal with data migration activity. With the help of this tool, one doesn’t have to worry about the schema level and all the source level database is perfectly replicated as it is needed.