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 Workday HCM Online Training
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  • Core HCM Module
  • Advanced Compensation Module

Workday HCM Course Content

1.Core Concepts and Navigation Basics
  •     Overview
  •     Core Concepts
  •     Business Objects
  •     Basic Navigation
  •     Additional Navigation Topics
Activity (Hands on): Search and Navigation
2.Organizations in workday
  • Overview
  • Supervisory organizations
  • Reorganization
Activity: Create location, Reorganization, Supervisory organization.
  • Managing supervisory organizations
Activity: Create subordinate Supervisory organizations
  : Dividing Supervisory organizations
: Assign Superior Organizations
  • Additional Organization types and Organizational Hierarchies
Activity: Create a company organization
  • Organization Hierarchies
Activity: Create a cost center and cost center Hierarchies.
: Add location to Location Hierarchy
: Organizational Assignments.
3.Staffing Models
  • Various types of Staffing Models
  • Hiring Restrictions
  • Differentiating staffing models
Activity: Select and Edit the Staffing model
4.Jobs and positions
  • Job profiles
  • Differentiating Jon Profiles, Job families and job family groups
Activity: Creating a job profile
  • Creating positions and jobs
Activity: Create Positions
  : Set hiring restrictions on job management organizations
: Assign position to Assignable roles
  • Managing filled and Unfilled Positions and Jobs
  • Compensation overview
  • Compensation Eligibility Rules
Activity: Create Compensation rules
  • Compensation Grades
Activity: Create compensation Grade and assign to job profiles
  • Compensation plans
  • Compensation Package
Activity: Create Compensation Plans and Compensation Package
                  : Compensation Rule Assignment
  • Compensation Events
  • Total Compensation Report
  • Compensation Reports
6.Hiring Workers
  •  Process overview
  • Hire Process
Activity: Hire into Supervisory Organization
7.Workday Configurable Security
  • Configurable Security
  • Security Groups
Activity: Security Group Assignments
  • Functional Areas, Securable Items and Security Policies
Activity: Navigate Functional Areas and View Security for Securable Item
               : Modify Domain Security Policy
: Modify Business Process Security Policy
: Hire into Supervisory organization

8.Configuring Business Processes
  • Business Process Frame work
  • Business Process Configuration Options
  • Business Process and sub processes
Activity: Copy Business Process of Supervisory Organization
                  : Edit the Hire of Supervisory Organization
  • Business Process Step Configuration
Activity: Configure Business Process Steps
: Create Business Process Notification
  • Rule based Business Process
  • Deploying Business Process
9.Additional Staffing Transactions
  • Contracting Contingent Workers
Activity: Contract a contingent Worker
                  : Convert a Contingent Worker
  • Staffing movement
  • Switch primary Job
Activity: Change Job
  • Termination
Activity: Termination
  • Job Overlap
Activity: Job Overlap

10.Event Management
  • Finding an event
  • Task Reassignment and Request Reassignment
  • Request Delegation Change
Activity:Request Delegation Change
                  :Rescind an Event
  • Correct Business Process
  • Correct a hire event
  • Move workers and inactivate supervisory organization
11:Self Service
  • Viewing Personal Data
  • Professional Profile
  • Employee Self Service
  • Manager Self Service
Activity: Employee Self Service and Manager Self Service
12. Integration Overview (Types of Integration)
2. Advanced Compensation Module
Merit Process
  • Setup Merit Plans
  • Create Merit Plans
  • Create Custom Merit Statements
  • Initiate Merit process
  • Manage multiple compensation Events during merit process
  • Change Merit pools
  • Distribute Merit polls to organizations
  • Launch Employee Merit Awards
  • Propose Employee Merit Awards
  • Review promotions in Merit Process
  • Approve Employee Merit Awards
  • Release Merit Statements
  • Request Merit Adjustment Using EIB
Bonus Process
  • Setup Bonus Plans
  • Create Deferred Bonus calculations
  • Create Bonus Plans
  • Create future payment plans
  • Create future payment plans and True ups
  • Steps: Pay for company performance
  • Create compensation score cards
  • Create compensation score card results
  • Company performance options
  • Assign future payment plans to employees
  • Calculate outstanding balances for future payment plans
  • Recind Bonuses for individual employees.
  • Steps: Setup Eligible earnings overrides for Bonuses
  • Crete Eligible earnings overrides for Bonuses
  • Give Bonuses to Multiple Employees
  • Steps: Request Bonus Payment Using EIB

STOCK Process.
  • Steps: Set Up Stock Plans
  • Create Stock Plans
  • Request Stock Grants
  • Add Stock Grants
  • Initiate Stock Processes
  • Manage Multiple Compensation Events During Stock Processes
  • Change Stock Pools
  • Distribute Stock Pools to Organizations
  • Launch Employee Stock Grants
  • Propose Employee Stock Grants
  • Approve Employee Stock Grants
  • Update Stock Grants
  • Steps: Request Stock Grant Using EIB
  • Steps: Update Stock Grants Using EIB

One Time Payment
  • Steps: Manage One-Time Payment
  • Create One-Time Payment Plans
  • Request One-Time Payments for Employees
  • Steps: Request One-Time Payment Using EIB

Compensation Basis
  • Create Configurable Compensation Basis
  • Create Calculation Compensation Basis
  • Concept: Compensation Basis