COGNOS TM1 Online Training by Realtime IBM Cognos TM1 Experts

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Cognos TM1 Online Training Course Content 

Examine TM1 Components
  • Review financial performance management
  • Identify the TM1 user community
  • Describe the components of TM1
Browse Data in a Cube
  • List the components of a cube
  • Create a new view of the data
  • Stack, swap and filter dimensions in a cube
  • Use drill capabilities to focus the data
Focus Your Analysis using Subsets
  • Examine the benefits of subsets
  • Use aliases in subsets
  • Filter subsets
  • Differentiate between static subsets and dynamic subsets
Contribute Data
  • Spread data to multiple cells at once
  • Edit individual cells
  • Exclude cells from being adjusted
Work with Spreadsheets
  • Differentiate between a slice and a snapshotl
  • Use a classic slice and an Active Forml
  • Manage TM1 data through Excel
Create Dynamic Reports with Active Forms
  • Create interactive reports and data input templates using Active
  • Forms Customize Active Forms using new TM1 Functions
  • Apply formatting to Active Forms
Configure a TM1 server
  • Define a TM1 server
  • Create a configuration file
  • Identify the basic tasks required to create a TM1 application and deploy it
  • Review cubes and dimensions
  • Create dimensions manually
  • Create dimensions using Turbo Integrator
Build Cubes and Views
  • Discuss cubes and data
  • points Create cubes
  • Construct views of data in cubes
Load and Maintain Data
  • Identify data sources
  • Create processes to load data
  • Create a process to delete data in a cube
  • Create processes to update and maintain the model
Add Business Rules
  • Discuss a rule
  • Construct rules for elements or consolidations
  • Use functions in rules
  • Optimize rule performance
Automate Common Processes Using Scripts
  • Review Advanced tabs in Turbo Integrator
  • Load custom data into a cube
  • Add a subset to a dimension
  • Use logic in scripts
  • Export data to ASCII
  • Move data between versions
  • Construct chores
Customize Drill Paths
  • View related data
  • Create a Drill Process
  • Create a Drill Assignment Rule
  • Edit a drill process
Manage the Server
  • Broadcast messages to clients
  • Connect and disconnect users from a TM1 server
  • Shut down a remote TM1 server
Implement TM1 Security
  • Identify TM1 authentication options
  • Create users and groups
  • Assign object security rights to groups
Integrate with IBM Cognos 8 BI
  • Integrate TM1 cubes within a Cognos 8 Business Intelligence (BI) environment
  • Integrate IBM Cognos TM1 in Cognos 8 BI portals
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