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QlikView Online Training | QlikView Job Support, QlikView Certification: QlikView Online Training We offer Online QlikView Training by Experts Learn QlikView Certification Training with Course Material Pdf Attend Demo Free Live Tutorial Videos Download Best QlikView Interview Questions by Spiritsofts institute Reasonable Fee Industry best Qlikview Training. Certified Online Qlikview training will master you in system management data visualization design with guided analytics. Qlikview Online Training has been designed comprehensively by industry experts who provide a clear idea in business intelligence and visual insights

QlikView Online Training Course Content 

QlikView Overview

  • Qlikview Introduction
  • Traditional BI tools vs. Qlikview
  • Qlikview Features
  • Architecture of Qlikview

Creating the First Qlikview Document

  • How to install Qlikview desktop
  • What are types of desktop – Machine wise
  • Back end scripting window
  • Front end UI window and shortcuts

Loading Data Into QlikView

  • Script Editor Basics
  • ODBC/OLEDB connection details
  • Connect and disconnect
  • How to connect to flat files
  • Relative and absolute path

Data Structure of Loaded Data

  • The Table Viewer
  • System Fields
  • System Table

Scripting Considerations

  • Synthetic Key Tables
  • Circular References
  • Loosely Coupled Tables

Qlikview Scripting

  • Need of data warehouse and ETL tools
  • Mapping Tables
  • Joins and keep
  • Types of joins and Keep
  • Concatenation
  • incremental load concept in Qlikview
  • Web file connection
  • Variable creation
  • Cross table

Creating a Master calendar

Qlikview Functions

  • Call function and procedure
  • Drop fields and tables
  • Creation of QVDs
  • Execute
  • First and top select
  • Debug option
  • Animate option

Qlikview Sheet and Objects

  • Document properties
  • Preferences

Types of chart

  • Best practices of usage of charts
  • Tabular reports
  • Multidimensional charts and objects
  • Advanced visualizations
  • Extensions and its usage
  • Linked objects

Security in QlikView

  • Section Access
  • Data Reduction techniques

Set Analysis Overview

  • What is set analysis and its usage
  • Set Modifier
  • Practical uses
  • Complex set analysis using Union, intersection
  • Probability usage in set analysis

Bookmarks and Alerts

  • Creation of bookmark
  • Use of bookmark option
  • Export and import of bookmark
  • Creation of alerts
  • Need of alerts

Macros in VB Script

Qlikview Server and Document manager

  • Types of server
  • Server configuration
  • Installation
  • screenshots of server
  • Role of admin
  • servicesin Qlikview server
  • Publisher and its usage


  • Types of License – types of server
  • What is cal and its usage
  • What is cost of each license