Veeva Vault RIM Mastery: Online Training for Regulatory Leaders


Embark on a transformative journey in regulatory excellence with our comprehensive Veeva Vault RIM Training. Designed for professionals in the pharmaceutical and life sciences industries, our program empowers you with the knowledge and skills essential for mastering Regulatory Information Management. Delve into cutting-edge eLearning modules, expert-led sessions, and hands-on workshops that cover the intricacies of compliance, industry best practices, and the latest advancements in Veeva Vault technology. Elevate your career and navigate the complex landscape of regulatory affairs with confidence. Enroll now and unlock the door to unparalleled expertise in Veeva Vault RIM.

Regulatory Module Veeva Vault Business/Functional Overview Training

  • Vault RIM Domain Overview
  1. Introduction to Regulatory Information Management
  2. Vault RIM Objects
  3. Vault RIM End-to-End Business Process
  • Vault Submissions Fundamentals
  1. Introduction to Vault Submissions
  2. Submission Content Plans (SCPs)
  3. Vault Submissions Reports & Dashboards
  4. Report Level Content Plans (RLCPs)
  • Vault Submissions Business Administrator
  1. Create a Submission
  2. Submission Content Plans: Generate, Refine, Baseline
  3. Collect Document and Track to Completion
  4. Lock Documents and Transition to Publishing
  5. Health Authority Interactions
  6. Filter Content Plan Templates Using Constraints
  • Vault Submissions System Administrator
  1. Data Model
  2. Controlled Vocabularies, Constraints, and Criteria VQL
  3. Document Type & Field Administration
  4. Submission Content Plan Template Administration
  5. Report Level Content Plan Template Administration

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